Friday, December 24, 2010

The spirit

Lately, in the midst of busyness, there's something bothered myself. I kept thinking of for how long can i survive handling administration works. I'm envied those people at the conference, they were there to present their work and i was there working for the conference to succeed. What did i gain? and what battle i lost?

2010 has come towards the end. I should start thinking of what should i achieve in the upcoming year. I have been advised (a lot actually) to re-align myself. Huh in other words, to find a better carrier prospect in the future. Now i think it does make sense. Yes, i am not that ambitious person to be true. I have rejected the PTD offer, I actually do not know what to do with the master degree - i mean i am not certain yet of should i be a researcher or a lecturer. I have enjoyed myself in this comfort zone. I am afraid of venturing new path, afraid of the failure, afraid of the new environment perhaps, but i love to be challenged and yet i have been devoted to my work more than I've expected i can do. I have passed the barrier actually (which i've set up for myself) and surprised that i managed to do it. Thank you very much to the former boss for trusting in me, for guiding me in a lot of ways. I am now very looking forward for a new start. Yes a new chapter.

Because of that, 2011 will be a year I want to challenge myself. But the resolutions will be kept to myself only :) I will only reveal it once it has done. Haha another lame excuse.. Ok lets start muhasabah our self first. And leave to Allah for the best. Only He knows the best. Definitely.

p/s: i need to start writing a paper to be sent to the journal soon. Please pray for a success friends..I've been postponed it for a year i think.


Dayah said...

Mirah..lebih kurang dayah la..bila dah dlm comfort zone, mula la malas nak msuk gear 5..apapaun, sayah wish moga kita msg-msg berjaya dlm hidup, dpt apa yg dihajati dan yg penting meneladani hidup ini dgn redhoNya..

mirah said...

Thanx Dayah.
Moga akan datang memberikan kita lebih banyak kejayan. Dunia dan akhirat.