Friday, August 22, 2008

Anak itu anugerah

Ini Aisyah Humaira' Muhammad Faisal. Born on 26 Dec 2008 at 9.28 am at Hosp. Serdang. Birthweight is 2.20kg. Born healthy and fully breastfed until 11 months (ummi found out she's got pregnant for a second time).

Gmbr latest nnt upload kemudian k.

Ini pula Khadijah Nur Syifaa' Muhammad Faisal. She was born prematured at 29wks on 12 Apr 2008 with only 0.934kg. Instead of several complications at the early days, Alhamdulillah she's survived and growing even faster every day. She's fully on breastfeeding and hopefully until 2 yrs old.

Sama x rupa kakak dgn adik? bila lama2 ummi tgk, mmg sama pn, yelah nma pn adik-beradik,kn..

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